SPOTTED: Best outfits on CHANEL’s show – PFW

Aya and Ami, the Japanese twins showed up at the GRAND PALAIS during PFW, still wearing the same outfit. Colorful and chic!

Aleali May showed up in a grey outfit from Alyx Studio.

Models Hoyeon Jung, Fran Summers & Carolina Thaler’s outfits for Chanel show.

Veronika Heilbrunner’s comfortable and styled outfit for Chanel’s show.

Marc Mdt, with his high in color suit, killed it, literally.


Perfect Swimwear for summer

Currently in Rio, Sabrina has the sun and the beaches to enjoy. She shooted some swimwear in the beach and the pool. Here are the pics.

First one : Red one piece swimwear from a small shop in Brasil

Second one: White one piece swimwear (From Forever 21)

Third one : Gold one piece swimwear, wore with a skirt

Fourth: yellow bikini from ZAFUL

Last one : Blue bikini


All Black & White everything

Last week was the LONDON FASHION WEEK AW18.

Crazy stuff happened to Sarah; she attended wonderful shows, shot with lot of photographers, and got the opportunity to met the QUEEN on the last day of the LFW, what a surprise.

As always, we wrote about our outfits. Follow us on Instagram to see more of our daily outfits, we share the best ones on the blog!

Here are some pictures of the best outfit from London Fashion Week worn by Sarah during the DAY 3 of LFW.



Adidas Bag : Buy it here

Sweatshirt Never Ending Urban Outfitters : Buy it here


Asos Pant : Buy it here

Sunglasses : Buy it here



Vogue Magazine just launched their VOGUE WORLD 100 project, which is a concept reuniting 100 people (or groups) having an influence in their hometown.

It can be in fashion, music, art… every kind of influence. You can find all the 100 influencers by clicking here.

For example there are models or fashion addicts such as us!

In fact we had the honor to be part of this huge project. And the journalist Emily Farra writes an article linked to this project, which is talking about 4 twins around the world ! And we have been selected!

You can read the whole article and the interview here.


Adidas Originals by Daniëlle Cathari

Daniëlle Cathari is a fashion student from Amsterdam, Netherland. At the age of 22, she had the project to readapt a brand, she chose Adidas. Her first wish was to create tracksuits, that’s what she did by reconstructing clothes into track pants & track jackets with pieces from Adidas clothes.

In 2017, she has been chosen to participate to the V. Files runway, with two other designers, during the AW17 New York Fashion Week. At this period, Danielle was still a student, and was already seen as a designer on her own.

For this event, she presented the first looks of her Adidas reconstruction into tracksuit.

Here are the pictures :

danielle-cathari-office-magazine-editorial-020Capture d_écran 2018-02-21 à 21.57.10Capture d_écran 2018-02-21 à 21.57.17Capture d_écran 2018-02-21 à 21.57.49

In 2018, Adidas has collaborated with the young lady after having saw her skills. They proposed her to create her own collection in collaboration with them, and that was the birth of the Danielle Cathari project by Adidas Original.

The revelation took place in L.A, with Kendall Jenner as the main muse. Danielle chose to launch her collection in NYC, London, Paris, and Shanghai. Each city was given a personal colour commercialized only for its inhabitants. NYC had the orange track suit, London the yellow one, Paris the blue one, and Shanghai had the pink.

Danielle launched as well one Cream track suit, one Black track suit, and one Denim Track suit which are in contrary of the coloured ones available everywhere.

I tried to cop the yellow track suit online, but it has been sold out in literally 3min. For those who went directly in the shop, the stock was empty after only 20 minutes.

We wish that in an upcoming future, Danielle Cathari will launch another crazy collection, maybe collaborating with



To mark the launching of their new one-star collection, Converse opened the One Star Hotel on February 15th, welcoming all the sneakers lover just for the week end, and closing on February 17th. This Hotel is situated in Shoreditch, one of the most stylish place in London, and contain five floors, each one organised according to the tastes of Asap Nast, Yung Lean, Made Me and many others. There were eight different area:

“Step into sweetness”, representing the Premium Suede Converse Shoe with Pastel Pink colours, and a candy shop.

“Skate” was linked to the 20 y.o skater Jamie Platt and the One Star Converse Pro.

“Somewhere in mid-century” was designed by Asap Nast, showing an unreleased collab between converse and the rapper.

“Mahjong” celebrates the Chinese new year with the famous Tizzy T.

“World Affair” has been thought by Yung Lean, organising backgammon matches on a large table.

“Mademe” represents the fashion label “Monchromatic Yellow”, and yes, the main color is obviously yellow, hosting a live dj music.

 “The stockroom” is a place in the last floor which was made for the public to chill, dance, relax.

“The laundry room”, the last one, is the room where the custom Tshirt workshop was taking place.

February 15th was the Media day, hosting press and influencers to talk about the creative world today. You may have also seen that the muse for this project was Leo Mandela (@gullyguleo), a 15 y.o fashion enthusiast that have been chosen to represent Converse for this new Collection.

On February 16th and 17th, the One Star hotel opened his doors to the public. Thousands of people came to have a look of this 90’s attitude vision by Converse. The line was incredible, going along a large part of the street, with people who just want to cop a pair of sneakers.



TOO GOOD is a Britannic brand designed by an English Designer, who wanted to show the principal aspects of the working world. But here, we are not talking about the back-offices kind of job, but more about the labouring stuff. The values are recognised in every pieces of the Collection. The designer used Denim, Cotton and more others fabrics that suits most with his vision.

The presentation took place in a cute place in Shoreditch. In the main entrance, there were girls welcoming the guests with some tea and offering a kind of cake made with cranberry.

When you passed the first door, you arrive in the first space. Three models are there, either standing or sitting somewhere, wearing the first preview of the AW18 Collection.

Toogood is very different from the others designers; he put some soil on the model’s faces, giving them an intense look, representing the labouring history.

In the second space, after going along the hall, you arrive in a room where 6 models are presenting other of the designer’s work. These ones are holding in their hands handmade work. This is a strong detail showing the designer’s vision, which is nothing but showing the first work that came to men, farming, using nothing but our hands. This explains why his collection is handmade.

There were a second floor with 5 models. In this room, some rocks were disposed in the middle of the space and candles were lightning the area. The models had some grey residue on their hair, no doubts that it was linked to marks represented hard work.

Here are some pictures of the presentation, Enjoy!



PFW – MENSWEAR – January18

On January 17th was the beginning of the Paris Fashion Week (Men’s wear). Off-White, Heron Preston, & Arthur Kar are the today’s subjects.


Virgil Abloh presented his Fall/Winter 2018 “Business Casual” Men’s collection for Off-White™ at Paris Fashion Week. The Fashion Show took place at the George Pompidou Center. Take a look to the pictures of the fashion show.

Heron Preston

Heron Preston exposed the pieces of his collection in his showroom located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris for the Fashion Week. He also styled a few models to represent his clothes and show how they really look like on someone. Heron Preston said this collaboration with the NASA was his dream collaboration.

Here are the Accessories pictures of the Heron Preston collection.

Pictures of the models wearing HP x NASA.

Outerwear: White reflective shell bonded with silver ripstop Nylon & Aluminum 3M – inspired by the top layer of space suit materials and astronaut uniforms.

Congrats Heron Preston.

Arthur Kar – L’art de l’automobile

Arthur Kar, the famous car lover launched his collection during PFW is a Pop-Up store localized in Le Marais in Paris.

You also could find in his store, a beautiful yellow Ferrari customized for the Event.

We also visited the Daily Paper’s Showroom. Jefferson Osei, the designer, launched his collection which is very inspiring and based on a true technical work.



On January 14th, the biggest Street Wear lovers were reunited in Paris to sell and buy sneakers exposed on the Pavillon Wagram.

Three floors with thousands of sneakers giving the opportunity to everyone to find what they are looking for.

The SNEAKERS HOUSE is an event, organized by two 17 teenagers. It’s only the Second edition of the event and it’s already famous.


En ce 14 Janvier 2018, les plus grands fans de Sneakers et de Street Wear se sont réunis au Pavillon Wagram de Paris pour vendre, acheter et échanger leurs plus belles paires.

Trois étages ont accueillis une centaine de stands, mettant à la disposition de tout le monde, des paires de sneakers, des t-shirts et hoodies, des accessoires, bref, de tout.

Le SNEAKERS HOUSE est un événement organisé par deux jeunes hommes de 17 ans, passionnés par la street culture, et ayant la volonté de partager et mettre en relation les personnes qui partagent cette passion du streetwear. Seulement la deuxième édition et l’événement a déjà un grand succès.

Voici une partie de ce qui était exposé :