TOO GOOD is a Britannic brand designed by an English Designer, who wanted to show the principal aspects of the working world. But here, we are not talking about the back-offices kind of job, but more about the labouring stuff. The values are recognised in every pieces of the Collection. The designer used Denim, Cotton and more others fabrics that suits most with his vision.

The presentation took place in a cute place in Shoreditch. In the main entrance, there were girls welcoming the guests with some tea and offering a kind of cake made with cranberry.

When you passed the first door, you arrive in the first space. Three models are there, either standing or sitting somewhere, wearing the first preview of the AW18 Collection.

Toogood is very different from the others designers; he put some soil on the model’s faces, giving them an intense look, representing the labouring history.

In the second space, after going along the hall, you arrive in a room where 6 models are presenting other of the designer’s work. These ones are holding in their hands handmade work. This is a strong detail showing the designer’s vision, which is nothing but showing the first work that came to men, farming, using nothing but our hands. This explains why his collection is handmade.

There were a second floor with 5 models. In this room, some rocks were disposed in the middle of the space and candles were lightning the area. The models had some grey residue on their hair, no doubts that it was linked to marks represented hard work.

Here are some pictures of the presentation, Enjoy!


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