To mark the launching of their new one-star collection, Converse opened the One Star Hotel on February 15th, welcoming all the sneakers lover just for the week end, and closing on February 17th. This Hotel is situated in Shoreditch, one of the most stylish place in London, and contain five floors, each one organised according to the tastes of Asap Nast, Yung Lean, Made Me and many others. There were eight different area:

“Step into sweetness”, representing the Premium Suede Converse Shoe with Pastel Pink colours, and a candy shop.

“Skate” was linked to the 20 y.o skater Jamie Platt and the One Star Converse Pro.

“Somewhere in mid-century” was designed by Asap Nast, showing an unreleased collab between converse and the rapper.

“Mahjong” celebrates the Chinese new year with the famous Tizzy T.

“World Affair” has been thought by Yung Lean, organising backgammon matches on a large table.

“Mademe” represents the fashion label “Monchromatic Yellow”, and yes, the main color is obviously yellow, hosting a live dj music.

 “The stockroom” is a place in the last floor which was made for the public to chill, dance, relax.

“The laundry room”, the last one, is the room where the custom Tshirt workshop was taking place.

February 15th was the Media day, hosting press and influencers to talk about the creative world today. You may have also seen that the muse for this project was Leo Mandela (@gullyguleo), a 15 y.o fashion enthusiast that have been chosen to represent Converse for this new Collection.

On February 16th and 17th, the One Star hotel opened his doors to the public. Thousands of people came to have a look of this 90’s attitude vision by Converse. The line was incredible, going along a large part of the street, with people who just want to cop a pair of sneakers.

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