Last week (January 4th to 8th) was the London Fashion Week Men. Unfortunately, I was able to come only on the 8th, for the last day. I got the opportunity to be invited to JordanLuca’s presentation.

JordanLuca is a brand new vision of contemporary menswear. The creation is so meticulous, the design is very strict on the details, and I will not tell you about the result, so aesthetic and impressive.

Their work is a representation of a new generation that is not afraid, it shows the thug culture.

Their presentation stage around ten boys, positioned in a circle, and in the middle of this one, a chair. The designer pass by each boy and read a book, especially the sentences that explain the best his collection.

During the reading, one after the other, every boy sit in the chair and shave his head. This is the act that shows the most the new culture that we are inspired of today. You can see more and more bald people, men and women, and this is the new generation, the new representation of Beauty, of Fashion, of Life.


Here are some photos of the show, enjoy !


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