Last week was the LONDON FASHION WEEK for MEN. This Fashion Week lasted 4 days, and Sarah got the opportunity to attend the last day of the LFWM. You can find the article of JordanLuca’s presentation here.

As always, we wrote about our outfits. If you follow us on Instagram, you can see every day our daily clothes that we put on, and discover more details of each of them on our blog.

Today, we will tell you more about the outfit that Sarah wore for the FW Presentation. In each fashion show, we wear one of our different styles imagined in our little heads.

First of all, we have to admit that the shoes that Sarah was wearing are not Gucci’s. She got them in Forever 21. They really look alike, but when you look closer you don’t see Gucci’s logo, so obviously, it’s not.

The pant is from Zara Men. We wonder why we’re not born as boys…  Anyway, as always, you know that we shop a lot in men’s shop.

So she wore this pant with a long sleeve white crop top, and put on a Fur Coat from REHAB, a brand that we discovered recently.

About the glasses, we are sorry but we really don’t know where they are from, we found them during a party, and nobody’s came looking for them, so we kept them!

And the favorite piece for the end, the Yellow NYC Bag. We bought this cute bag in a tourist shop when we travelled in New York city few months ago.

Here are the pictures of the outfit!



Links to the different pieces:

Fur coat Zara Pant – Shoes are sold out, but here are the gucci’s.

The white crop top is a classic top that you can find in most of the women’s shops. 

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