Spotted girls in Kappa, Zara, Off-White… When you watch street style from Fashion Weeks, you find a mix of Brands from all over the world. It can be the most desired ones, or the most common ones. Everyone shows his own style. Get inspired and find yours!

SPOTTED : Habillés en Kappa, Zara, Off-White … Lorsque vous observez les Street Style de la Fashion Week, vous pouvez trouver de tout. Des styles faits à partir des marques les plus désirées, au marques les plus communes. Chacun affiche son propre style.


For those who love FUR 

Shots by photographers from all over the world : Here are some girls in Fur Coat, a huge trend this year. You can recognise the most famous one, from Missoni, worn by Sita Bellan on the first Picture.




Let’s be Chic and put your most colourful suit on to have all eyes on you. This is one of our favorite style when we go out for a Gala, for a Wedding, or even for a Date 😉




Now you begin to understand our style, that’s why no need to tell you that Track Pants are our favorites ! Champion, Gucci, Adidas, Vêtement… All these brands are known for their original bands by everyone.




Yes ma’am, if you dress like this, people will think you’re a dancer. I guess dancers have something for shorts, high socks, and sportswear.




That’s an original style of wearing a Jacket ! Love it, and already did it with our « CAUTION Jacket » (you can find the look here).

Take a Large Jacket or borrow your brother’s, your father’s or your boyfriend’s jacket. Put it on, and your look is done ! Simple, and original, what else ?



There’s lot of other looks that we find pretty good, take a look : 




















4 réflexions au sujet de « WOMEN STREET STYLE »

  1. Re les filles!

    Ah les streetstyles! Je crois que c’est ce que je préfère!
    Car l’inspiration vient de la rue et le style aussi! C’est bien ce que l’on nous a enseigné en cours de mode et de stylisme!!

    Des bisous!

    Aimé par 1 personne

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